448DT Engine

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448DT | 306DT | 204DT

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448DT Engine

PS330 | 340 | 350
Motor conditionRefurbished
Price with installation
from 21.499,- €

204DT Engine

PS150 - 180
Motor conditionRefurbished
Pricefrom 7.199,- €

SELMAN Motors & Transmissions

Our reconditioned engines

When you purchase a reconditioned engine from us, you receive a guarantee for an engine overhaul with high-quality internal components. Our overhauls go far beyond rebuilding to guarantee a robust engine that will run for years, regardless of the manufacturer.

Our team aims to identify and rectify manufacturing defects and vulnerable parts to produce engines that are better than new. During the process of disassembly and repair, faulty parts such as damaged gears, bearings, valves, oil pump and other internal engine components are reworked or replaced. The result is robust and overhauled engines that have been tested to 0 kilometres.

Unlike other engine reconditioners, we not only replace defective seals and bearings, but also renew or overhaul all internal wear parts. We also carry out important modifications to our engines to rectify problems and defects that may have led to internal engine damage.

Thanks to our dedicated remanufacturing process, we are one of the most popular engine dealers in Germany, especially for Land Rover engines. Despite our quality-assured approach, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices.

Whether you're upgrading your engine or need a quality replacement machine, make a smart decision and get a quality machine from our team at Selman Motors, a leader in the engine and transmission replacement industry. Call us to make sure that a specific reconditioned machine fits your vehicle. As soon as we have found the right replacement engine for you, we will place your order and offer you fast and affordable shipping as well as a twelve-month warranty with no mileage limit.